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Randolph Avenue – W9

Randolph Avenue – W9

This project’s scope involved the transformation of a spacious single house into two distinct, high-end, independent dwellings. The goal was to create two luxurious homes, each equipped with five bathrooms and generously sized kitchens. The objective was to not only divide the property but to elevate it, ensuring that both new dwellings would stand as high-end, fully functional living spaces.

This undertaking included a comprehensive architectural and interior design process to reconfigure the layout, ensuring privacy and autonomy for each dwelling while maintaining the upscale character. Special attention was given to creating five elegant bathrooms in each residence, with a focus on luxurious materials and fixtures. Additionally, the design incorporated large, well-appointed kitchens that would serve as the heart of each home, offering ample space and high-end amenities to meet the expectations of the discerning clients. The ultimate aim was to seamlessly transition a single house into two separate, high-end living spaces, each exuding style, comfort, and functionality.

  • Bathroom Designer:


  • Kitchen Designer:


  • Budget:


  • Delivery Time:

    10 Weeks

  • Install Time Frame:

    6 Weeks

  • Location:

    Randolph Avenue W9

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